Hello and welcome to my new art site!

Christmas has just passed, and I was really pleased that the two cards we had for sale – featuring this cat piece and this one with the chaffinches – exceeded all expectations and sold really well. Interestingly, while the chaffinches were marginally more popular with a ‘general’ audience, the cats proved a runaway success amongst the comics and creative fraternity – they were the best seller at Thoughtbubble in November!

Snow Kitty and Chaffinches – Fine Art cards

While the first and second orders have now both fully sold out here at Steve White Art, we will be re-stocking soon – and adding new designs – so please do get in touch if you’re interested. Meanwhile, if you’re in the Tooting area, you may still be able to pick up cards courtesy of Love Art in Tooting Market.

I’ll be writing more in due course – hopefully including some work-in-progress blogs, musings on my time in comics, and thoughts on paleo-discoveries. Plus, more exciting announcements to come – so watch this space!