Magic: The Gathering

Of all the things I have worked on, it is the cards I drew for Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering that I am asked most frequently about.

I drew a number of these, mainly animal-related, in the mid-90s. Sadly, I had no idea about the legacy these cards would have so, to answer the numerous enquiries I receive regarding these cards:

• I have none of the white-backed prototypes cards except a single set I have kept for posterity.
• I have none of my original artwork left.

I stupidly threw away all my cards many years ago as I never thought they would be of any interest. Similarly, I lost or gave away all my originals (I know of only one in existence, the Rogue Elephant artwork, which I gave to a friend of mine who was a massive M:TG fan). Ah, the rashness of youth.