Satanus vs the Killdozer

satanus vs dredd

I loved doing this. It’s a homage to a scene from The Cursed Earth, the first ‘epic’ from the early days of 2000AD’s Judge Dredd. In the story, Dredd and his team come across a remote settlement that predates Jurassic Park by some 15 years. Genetically generated dinosaurs run riot around the town, which makes human sacrifices to the Tyrannosaurs that rule the wastelands. The pack is led by Satanus, a melanistic black T. rex who just so happens to be the son of Old One-Eye, star of another legendary series in 2000AD – Flesh, the story that brought me to the comic in the first place.

In the story, Satanus attacks Dredd’s vehicle, the Killdozer, and the two crash through a church (apparently modelled on the colonial style scene in the US south-west and Mexico). This was the moment I choose to illustrate. The one difference is that, in the actual story, the forward part of the Killdozer is detached but I included it for the sake of dramatic license.

Private Commission, 2021, A3 Pen & Ink