Rainy Dromaeosaur


Sometimes, I just get something I want to draw. This was modelled on a piece I did many years ago of a sabre-toothed cat becoming alert while eating at night, in the rain. I always really liked it and just thought it might be something to do a new version of, in this case a dinosaur. As with the sabre-tooth, I wanted to show its integument soaked and spiky with water, so I chose a dromaeosaur, such as Utahraptor, that was likely feathered. Again, I wanted to show the animal pausing in its meal, muzzle soaked with blood.

The colour palette for this was to be kept very limited except the red of the blood which I wanted to stand out against the black of the background (in this case the paper) and the pewter-like colours of the dinosaur’s pelage.

2020, A4, Black paper, colour pencils, pastels, gouache

Prints available (A4)