Grieving Werewolf, Bleak Midwinter

grieving werewolf

This was just one of those images that flashed into my head – a werewolf visiting a snow-covered cemetery. It actually came from listening to the song ‘Twist’ from Thom Yorke’s album, Anima, on the train one day – more the tone than definitive lyrics, but it triggered something in my head. Was the werewolf grieving for a child it had killed? Was it even his own daughter? Depends how bleak you want to see it but it was also an excuse to draw two of my favourite things – werewolves and stone angels.

The picture of the man with the little girl on the lower right is actually my favourite photo of my beloved niece Sophie and myself taken many years ago. The little bear next to it was a favourite toy of our cat Prano when she was a kitten.

2020, A3, Pen & ink

Prints available (A3)