Frankenstein’s Creature

frankenstein creature

The client for this piece wanted me to do this in the style of Bernie Wrightson, whose art for Frankenstein is legendary. As someone who had a profound impact on my artwork, I had absolutely no problem with this!

The client also asked me to do a scene set in the European woodlands that feature in the story. I was pondering the composition when I remembered a visit to Cumbria where we discovered a drowned sheep. I used as this as a starting point, including a buzzard (instead of the raven I first contemplated) scavenging the sheep’s carcass. I also liked the idea of using negative space to do the swans in the background.

Not sure if I’m trying to say anything symbolic with the various components of the image…

Private Commission, 2020
A4, Pen & ink

Prints available (A4)