Asked to do a dragon as a wedding present for a friend, this started out as an exercise to see if I could emulate my inking style with colour fineline pens. The original idea for the dragon involved two fighting but before cracking into it, I thought it would be an idea to try out the style first. Turned out to be a little more labour-intensive than I anticipated but I was pleased with the vibrant colours it produced.

I also wanted to do something a little different with the dragon’s flames. I didn’t want to do the usual flamethrower-type effect and had been inspired by the magic effects in the Harry Potter movies – the liquid look to them – and imagined that dragons gathered gold that they then swallowed, heated and turned into a molten liquid they then fired. The nostrils are acting like pressure valves.

Private commission, 2018
A3 coloured fineliners

Prints available (A3)